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Meet Nina

I am a lover of adventure with incurable wanderlust. I just can’t settle for ordinary. As a mother, wife, doctor and artist, I am many things – but bored isn’t one of them!



How I started

Since I can remember, I have been a skill-seeker, always trying my hand at something new. It lead to a slightly unusual childhood – instead of playing with dolls, I made up “creativity sets” for when my friends came to play.

Luckily my mother had an exceptionally high tolerance for a creative mess given her own love and talent for creating beauty. My oupa nourished it by building me an easel when I was five, and my ouma taught me to knit and crochet that same year. I remember the day my father bought me my first and highly cherished set of “real” artist pencils.

NinaSkep is a place where I can continue experimenting and sharing my passion. I feel fortunate every day that I can continue to bring beauty into the world through mediums that I love, and that I can do it surrounded by the people who I love.